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136-174MHz N Type 2 way Power Splitter for Public Safety

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Topwave
Model Number:TPW-2PS-1317-NF
Certification:ISO9001, ROHS, CE

General Description

Power splitter, which is a device that divides the energy of one input signal into two or multiple outputs of equal energy. There are two types of power dividers: cavity power splitter and microstrip power splitter.Power splitters are mainly used in conventional radio communications, railway communications, local loop systems, indoor coverage projects, etc. Mobile phone signal amplifier cannot be used alone, a complete system also needs: outdoor antenna (Yagi directional antenna), indoor antenna, and connecting feeder.

Topwave model TPW-2PS-1317-41F, 136-174MHz N-female 2 way cavity power splitter. The splitter can capable of high power 300 watt as average, and the peak power reach 1500watt to cater any system. PIM is a very important parameter to measure if it is good or not, Topwave Telecom develop it through -150dBc, -153dBc, -155dBc even now -161dBc.

Model No.TPW-2PS-1317-NF
Split Chanel2 Way
Split Loss(dB)3
Insertion Loss(dB)0.4
Power Rating(W)300W (average Per Port)
Impedance50 ohm
Operating Temperature()-30~+65
Relative Humidity5%-95%


ROHS & CE Compliance

Wide Frequency Band Covering 136-174MHz

Low Insertion Loss & Low VSWR

High Directivity

Available with Type N, 7/16DIN or 4.3/10 Connectors


Widely for Distributed Antenna(DAS) Solutions.

Well Installed in In-building System(IBS)

Topwave model TPW-3WPS-1396-NF, frequency range 138-960 MHz. Models are available for indoor or outdoor use and are rated IP67. For convenience, it can be wall mounted or comes with a flexible stand. And we can ship quickly, because we have a certain amount of stock, and we can also accept customized products.

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