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200W 700-2700MHz Power Tapper, 4.3/10 Female, -150dBc, IP65

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Topwave
Model Number:TPW-PT-7027-41F
Certification:ISO9001, ROHS, CE

General Description

The term tapper in RF refers to a "signal power tap", also known as a signal tap, or a tapper power divider, which is used to draw a small amount of power from the main transmission line in a manner that does not cause significant power loss passive radio frequency devices.Tapper splitters are somewhat similar to directional coupling, but tapper splitters are typically three-port devices that rely on capacitive coupling rather than direct coupling, and there are various additional tap-port configurations. The multi-port Tapper power splitter can be an equal splitter or other types of splitters that match the actual application environment. Similar to directional couplers, drop ports are usually set to the same impedance as the main transmission line and must be properly terminated for proper operation.

Topwave RF Power Tapper are available with Type N, 7/16DIN or 4.3/10 connectors, coupling values is 3,5,6,7,8,10,13,15,20,30dB. Topwave RF Power Tapper are rated at 200w and have frequency ratings ranging from 700MHz to 2700MHz.

ModelNumberRatio, nom.Output SplitBranch Flatness ref. to Input Level, incl Loss, dBInput VSWR maxAveragePower(w)Humidity
TPW-PT-727-3-41F2:1/3.0dB0.375±[email protected]1.4:12005-95%
±[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-5-41F3:1/4.8dB0.213114754±[email protected]1.35:12005-95%
±[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-6-41F4:1/6.0dB0.142857143±[email protected]1.35:12005-95%
±[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-7-41F4:1/7.0dB0.128205128±[email protected]1.35:12005-95%
±[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-8-41F6:1/8.0dB0.082352941±[email protected]1.35:12005-95%
±[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-10-41F10:1/10dB0.038095238±1.[email protected]1.3:12005-95%
±1.[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-13-41F20:1/13dB0.015384615±1.[email protected]1.3:12005-95%
±1.[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-15-41F30:1/15dB0.006535948±1.[email protected]1.3:12005-95%
±1.[email protected]
±1.[email protected]
TPW-PT-727-30-41F1000:1/30dB0.003322259±2[email protected]1.3:12005-95%
±2[email protected]


ROHS & CE Compliance

Wide Frequency Band Covering 700-2700MHz

Low Insertion Loss & Low VSWR

High Directivity

Available with Type N, 7/16DIN or 4.3/10 Connectors


Widely for Distributed Antenna(DAS) Solutions.

Well Installed in In-building System(IBS)

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