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U.S. asks South Korea to ban Huawei 5G equipment, but South Korean government rejects it

Time : 2021-05-27 Hits : 8

At the fifth South Korea-US Strategic Economic Dialogue held on October 14, the United States once again brought out the Huawei 5G issue to put pressure on South Korea, asking South Korea to exclude Huawei 5G equipment from 5G network construction. However, South Korean officials rejected the U.S. request on the grounds that "it is up to the company's own decision."In response to the U.S. proposal, South Korean officials responded that which technology operators use is up to the company's own choice, and the government will not interfere in the decision-making process of private companies. The official said that he had explained his basic position to the U.S. side and discussed the importance of a "clean network", but one side's request for the other side to exclude a certain company is not the content of this meeting. But there are other South Korean officials who believe that how long this position can be maintained is still debatable.

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