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China's 5G technology leads the world by 10-11 months

Time : 2021-08-01 Hits : 23

"China's 5G technology leads the world by 10-11 months", this is not what the author said, but what the senior vice president of ZTE said. Who is ZTE? One of the top four brands of global communication equipment manufacturers and one of the top four brands with 5G technology patents. Therefore, ZTE executives can say such words, naturally, they have full confidence as a basis. From a global perspective, the main playersin the field of communication equipment manufacturing are Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, and Nokia. If a new younger brother is to be added, it should be a great opportunity for Samsung torise in the 5G era. Among the five equipment manufacturers, Ericsson and Nokia have always been established and famous enterprises with the most profound technology accumulation. However, in terms of 5G layout and technical reserves, these two major companies are not as powerful as our country's Huawei and ZTE. According to Liu Jian, senior vice president ofZTE, Huawei and ZTE are 10-11 months ahead of Ericsson andNokia in 5G technology.

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