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100W 698-2700MHz Low PIM -160dBc Termination Load with 4.3-10 Male Connector widely used for IBS BTS

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Topwave
Model Number:TPW-LPT100-727-160-41M
Certification:ISO9001, ROHS, CE

General Description

The dummy load can absorb and dissipate the RF energy output by the transmitter, and basically does not radiate energy. The dummy load is used to replace the transmitting antenna as the load of the transmitter, so that the transmitter can experiment the operation of the transmitter, measure and adjust the technical indicators of the transmitter, such as distortion, frequency response, etc., without connecting to the antenna system. Do not let the radio signal actually transmit when testing the equipment.

This 4.3-10 load/coaxial terminator has no chain and brass body. Topwave 50 Ohm 4.3-10 Coaxial Termination Loads are RoHS compliant, with a frequency band coverage of 698-2700MHz, an average maximum VSWR of 1.25:1, and a PIM value of -160dBc. Loads of model TPW-LPT100-727-160-41M are heavily stocked at Topwave. Our 4.3-10 male 100 watt termination loads will ship worldwide on the same day of purchase.

Model No.TPW-LPT100-727-160-41M
PIM(dBc)[email protected]
Power Rating(W)100W (average power per port)
Impedance50 ohm
Connector4.3-10 Male
Operating Tem()-25°C to +50°C
Dimensions(mm)See mechanical Drawing


ROHS & CE Compliance

Guaranteed PIM Guaranteed -160dBc

Wide Frequency Band Covering 698-2700MHz

Low Insertion Loss & Low VSWR

Available with Type N, 7/16DIN or 4.3/10 Connectors


Widely for Distributed Antenna(DAS) Solutions.

Well Installed in In-building System(IBS)

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